EAT KINGSTON: Cuisine in Kingston

A Gastronomy Haven

Jamaica s diverse history has made its way into our food. The original native population of the Tainos, where soon joined first by Spanish, then British invaders who fought for control of the island. The Spanish and British brought Africans, Indians and Chinese, who also became inhabitants of Jamaica. Other influences come from Jewish, Lebanese, Irish and more recently Japanese 

immigrants. As our national motto, states "Out of Many, One People, in this case it is "Out of Many, One Food"

With many cooking techniques and recipes handed down from one generation to the next this eclectic mix has produced a very special cuisine landscape. Jamaican ingredients offer tantalizing flavours and produce spectacular dishes.  

Kingston has also seen an explosion of local and international cuisine with upscale restaurants, grill, cook shops, grills and street food venue s popping up across the city. There are many traditional dishes to try and new additions based on a recent food moment geared at adding depth to the Jamaican repertoire. 

This has also led to an increasing number of food festivals including the Kingston based Jamaican Food & Drink Festival held every October. Many Chefs are also experimenting with what has been dubbed Jamaican fusion cuisine, which can have influences from the Caribbean and as far flung as Japan. Be sure to try the uniquely Jamaican Jerk and  Ital cuisines both steeped in tradition backing back decades. Jerk is a mildly smoked and spicy hot method cooked over a fire pit. Roadsid versions are offered by the pan chicken man usually seen at busy intersections and many events.  Let;s see if you can truly eat your way through Kingston.  



You followed your heart and the beats of Chronixx's sweet reggae rhythms and now you are in Kingston, Jamaica. 


Situated on 11 beautifully landscaped acres in the middle of Jamaica͛'s bustling capital city, Devon House is the 

island's premier heritage and cultural attraction.


From the best in Jamaica cuisine to a range of international restaurants. Kingston has a wide selection for the most discerning palates so find out where to dine in Kingston


From day to night time, Kingston offers a wide range of bars, pubs and cafe's across the city. The perfect locales to see or be seen.