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Holy Trinity Cathedral

So what is there to do in Kingston? This city offers a wealth of unique and interesting experiences from sea to mountain top. Kingston and the surrounding parish of St. Andrew also commonly referred to as Kingston showcases boat excursions to private islands, the infamous Port Royal –once home to legendary pirates and uccaneers, the UESCO designated World Heritage site – The Blue & John Crow Mountains, various culinary, cultural and music tours, a plethora of museums, and an enviable night life.   


The choice of accommodation in Kingston is varied from international hotel chains to highly reputable local boutique hotels, villas, guest homes, apartments and Bed and Breakfast options. 

Most hotels are located in the vibrant New Kingston area with mountain retreats located mainly in the Blue Mountain region. 

The best area to stay is in or around New Kingston which offers excellent activities within walking distance as well as access to easy transportation and tours to many of Kingston top attractions.


Jerk Chicken and Pork

Kingston has recently been earmarked by the Ministry of Tourism to become Jamaica's first Gastronomy Centre. 

With the appointment of the Gastronomy Tourism Network,  some great movements have happened including the launch of the Blue Mountain Culinary trail, re-launch of the iconic Devon House as Kingston’s first Gastronomy Centre and the Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Festival set for March 22-25, 2018.  

Kingston offers a great variety of experiences that should have any "foodie" yearning for more and more...


With the Caribbean sea to the south and the majestic Blue Mountains to the North, the views while in this city provides for the most brilliant sunrise and sunsets and stunning vistas from great heights. This is the lovely start for natural wellness but don’t worry the city is filled with many health and fitness enthusiasts.  

There is a wide range of activities and venues from yoga, tai chi, martial arts, day spas, gyms and fitness centres, vegetarian restaurants, jogging tails, cross fit centres and running clubs. 


Jamaica Conference Centre

All play and no work, means no money to play! Doing business in Kingston is relatively easy and there are several government and private sector bodies that can readily assist.  

Kingston as capital city is the seat of Government and the economic base of Jamaica. It has a diverse and open economy and offers a range of benefits through our membership in the Caribbean Single market (CARICOM) and similar trade agreements.  


Kingston and it's surrounding communities offer a diverse and exciting experiences for the most discerning of travellers. From the azure Caribbean sea to the majestic Blue Mountains there is so much to see and do. Better still, Kingston is located in close proximity to Port Antonio and Ocho Rios, two destinations that are perfect for a day trip to explore more of Jamaica. Both destinations are within an easy two hour drive from Kingston. The true explorer will be more than delighted once they discover Kingston. A perfect vacation to go!


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