Be Well in Kingston

Keeping Healthy and Fit

With the Caribbean sea to the south and the majestic Blue Mountains to the North,the views while in this city provides for the most brilliant sunrise and sunsets and stunning vistas from great heights. This is the lovely start for natural wellness but don't worry the city is filled with many health and fitness enthusiasts. There is a wide range of activities and venues from yoga, tai chi, martial arts, day spas, gyms and fitness centres, vegetarian restaurants, jogging tails, cross fit centres and 

running clubs. The city is so geared to keeping fit that nearly every weekend you should able to find at least one 5K Run/Walk event, not to mention most parks and play grounds will be filled with a pick-up basketball, cricket or football games. The short form of football (six-a-side) in Jamaica is commonly referred to as "scrimmage".

Another common past time for locales is hiking into the hills with a Blue Mountain hike having special meaning and significance. If by chance you get invited to "hike the peak" –be 

warned – that is a direct reference to the Blue Mountain Peak a mere 7000 plus feet above sea level and does require a more than average level of fitness..  

There are also many rivers, hidden waterfalls and even a mineral bath in close proximity to the city for a perfect vacation to go. Ask any local tour operator for details on organized tour for a relaxing nature treat.  

The city also has many health centres, first class hospitals and day care facilities for locals and visitors in need.