by Gayle Cunningham

 You followed your heart and the beats of Chronixx sweet reggae rhythms and now you are in Kingston, Jamaica. 

First things first as you get off the plane you have to have cool, cool

coconut water straight out of the nut, yes, right there in the airport just dip back your head, close your eyes, take a gulp and soak in that wonderful Jamaican 

sun. Here are some things to eat, drink and do that would make you feel

like yes, I have been to Kingston, Jamaica

͟1. A steamy, hot, flaky Jamaican Patty has to be the first thing on your 

agenda. Eating one of those encased in a soft coco bread is like heaven on earth. I bet you would be having more than one during your stay. 

2.Take a drive to Emancipation Park, an oasis in the middle of the bustling New Kingston corporate area. While you are there be sure to take a picture with the wonderfully controversial and properly proportioned  Redemption Song by Laura Facey. It is very powerful. 

3.Fish and the beach. What a combination! There is nothing better than eating fresh fish fried to perfection by the sea.  Fort Clarence Beach or Hellshire Beach - you need to try out both beaches (they are in the same neighbourhood) to see which is your favourite. The beaches and the fish. Oooh although in lobster season Hellshire Beach may have the edge. 

4.Visit the Bob Marley Museum on Hope Road and be sure to take the tour

while sipping on their yummy ital juices. Located in the house that Bob Marley called home.  

5.You have to strike a lightning bolt stance with Usain Bolt͛'s statue by the National Stadium. Make sure to buy some local bun and cheese from any food vendor in the area, a staple for Jamaicans especially when on the run. 

6.Head up to the hills and have lunch or an exotic rum punch at Strawberry Hi

lls, the luxury resort nestled neatly in the Blue Mountains. The panoramic views of Kingston from the resort are breathtaking. And so also are the beautiful flora that bloom throughout the compound. 

7.Well seeing that you are in the vicinity you need to have a hot cup of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee at Cafe Blue in Irish Town. It is one of the best coffees in the world you know.  

8.Everyone knows about Jerk Chicken and festival with a side of rice and

peas maybe. And yes you must have a plate. BUT you also have to try Pan Chicken our go to road food. Best eaten after a party on the side of the road. 

Steamy hot chicken served on a soft slice of hard dough bread...The Best! I am partial to the men at Northside Plaza but I hear that Red Hills have a set of pan that does cook good.

9.Be sure to take the tour of the historic Devon House - main house. And 

try not to be spooked by the feeling of being watched. The stately house may or may not be haunted. If you are spooked you can calm your nerves with Devon House͛s fabulous I-Scream. So many different flavours to choose from but Grapenut is still a fan favourite. 

10.Port Royal, the place formerly inhabited by pirates is a really good visit. Take the tour through the Fort and get giddy in the Giddy House. (Seriously you will get giddy.) Then head over to Gloria͛s for a steamed fish which is sure to have you licking the bowl clean. 

11.Have an ice cold Red Stripe beer, because, well, Jamaica is hot! But most of all be sure to relax, enjoy and just have a great time while in Kingston.