Duh Road by Elena Lynch

Slang expression for stating that one is going out. 

The literal translation would be “Do Road”


Craving a little adventure? There are a myriad of escapades within 2 hours of Kingston - so jump in your ride, organize a driver, rent a car, or put together a bunch of your besties and enjoy some day trippin.

Fort Clarence Zinc Roof Cuisine

Feel like a little sand between your toes? How about a day at Fort Clarence Beach? 30 minutes from Kingston, in her sister city Portmore, there’s a little piece of the past. Fort Clarence is still set up with local flavours bubbling under zinc roof shacks on the beach, just like it’s always been. Start with a cup of Fish Tea, then choose from Fried, Steamed or Grilled fresh caught Snapper or Lobster coupled with local favourites Bammy and Festival. Just be sure to keep a grip on your plate, because the wind has been known to flip a few meals onto the sand.

Bath Mineral Fountain Therapeutic Steam

Down the South East coast, travellers can indulge their senses in the Bath Mineral Fountain. A hot mineral spring that has been “healing” visitors since its discovery in the 17th century. Over the years, countless naturopathic healers have raved about the healing properties but the most famous proponent is Ras Steve current informal resident masseur who offers in-spring therapy. He rigorously works out patrons’ stress and allows them to escape into the steam. Feel free stay overnight in the uber rustic Bath Fountain Hotel & Spa to take full advantage of the ambiance. 

Blue Mountains Mystique

As Bob Marley said, “There’s a Natural Mystic blowing through the air”, and whether your thing is hiking, bird watching or just hunting a phenomenal cup of coffee, Jamaica’s Blue Mountains will satisfy a bucket list item or two. Blanketed by fog, the mountains offer visitors a uniquely authentic countryside experience less than an hour outside of town. As you wind up the mountainside you’ll be astonished by the assortment of wild flowers adorning the single lane roads. One of the signature stops is the Twyman estate. David Twyman runs the small boutique farm and roasting facility from his home, just as his father once did. They welcome intimate groups for a grassroots experience tour - from picking of the berries, to sorting, roasting, and of course brewing. There’s nothing more naturally mystic than sitting amidst the clouds with a cup of Jamaica’s Blue Mountain in your hand. Clad yourself appropriately, it can “Kawwl” (Translation: Cold) as they say. 

Craving a hike, try trekking through Holywell or enjoying the real deal, within The Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park, which is managed by the charity group, Jamaica Conservation and Development Trust. Recently listed one of the worlds UNESCO Heritage Sites, visitors can enjoy from this bio diversity hotspot with over 1300 flowering plant species, the largest butterfly in the Americas and over 200 species of native and migratory birds.

The famed Blue Mountain peak trail is by far the most popular hike in Jamaica and is also the most rustic. The exciting 14 Mile Peak Trial takes about seven hours. The best time of year to set out on this excursion is between December to April, known to be our driest months. Of the many hikes available, the most popular is the sunrise hike. Start out at night and their local staff will come and collect you from either Kingston or Mavis Bank and you’ll camp out in either Whitfield Hall, Wildflower Lodge or Portland camp. From there you’ll be awoken with an early start straight through some very rugged terrain and enjoy your finale in time to catch sunrise on the peak. Both thrilling and scenic, it’s a once in a lifetime type of experience that’s unparalleled in Jamaica.

NB: Nominal Trail fees for hiking at Holywell and the Blue Mountain Peak go towards conservation in the national park so its all for a great cause.

More What to do in Kingston below:

Explore the Cays & Port Royal

Take a short boat ride to explore the cays. These small beautiful white sand beaches are perfect for swimming and snorkelling. Lime and Maiden Cays are free public beaches that are very popular with Kingstonians. Neither cay has facilities so make sure to pack a shady hat, lunch and refreshments. Both are very secluded and on some weekdays you might be the only one there. To hire a boat call Loose Cannon or catch a ride with a fisherman from Y-Knot or Port Royal. Since you are in the area make sure to fit in a tour of Fort Charles and the Giddy House. Port Royal, was once dubbed as the wealthiest and wickedest city in the New World. Don’t leave this sleepy fishing village without a visit to Gloria’s for some glorious seafood.


 A Zen like boutique hotel and spa perched over a mountain river is the ideal spot for a day of self-care and relaxation. The rushing water below provides a soothing soundtrack to tranquility. The scene complete with a gong and huge Buddha at the entrance, welcome visitors into this world of bliss. The full spa menu includes massages, facials, and hydrotherapy and of course no treatment is complete without a dip in the crisp river. Cottages and rooms are also available for anyone who can’t bear to tear themselves away from this too good to be true oasis.     


Looking to hang ten? Head south to Longboarder Bar & Grill and enjoy not only some gnarly surf along the coastline but also a laid-back bar experience. Frequented by locals and tourists alike on any given day, all looking to escape to the waves. Peter Silvera, owner of Longboarder left the corporate world 3 years ago to open his shack by the sea; about as far from a traditional excursion as you can get but you don’t have to go too far to get there! And if you’d like to stay over and fully embrace the surf life, they’ll have some quaint accommodations in place by mid 2018.