Kingston A - Z


AIRLINES: Airlines that operate out of Norman Manley International 

Airport include; Air Canada Rouge, Aerogaviota, Spirit Airways, British Airways, Caribbean Airlines, Cayman Airways, Copa, Fly Jamaica, Delta, Jet Blue, West Jet and Inter Caribbean Airlines. 

AREA CODE: Jamaica͛s area code is 876  

BANKS: Generally, banks and other financial institutions are open between 9 am - 2 pm. Monday - Thursday and on Fridays until 4:30 pm. You do have a few banks that open for limited hours on weekends.  

BUSINESS HOURS: Most offices are open from 9am-5pm Monday - Friday.

Stores are open Monday - Saturday 10am - 6 pm with some downtown stores closing half day on Wednesday. Most supermarkets are open seven days a 

week with longer hours than normal stores.  

CHARITES: There are several rganisations that do charity work in 

Jamaica including United Way of Jamaica (922-9424); Food for the Poor (984-5005); Missionaries for the Poor (922-2996); Mustard Seed Communities (923-

6488); The Salvation Army (929-6190); Jamaica Red Cross (984-7860-02) Service Clubs are also represented such as: Rotary Club, Kiwanis Club, Lions Club and Optimist Club. 

CLIMATE: The average annual temperature is 25°C (81°F) and yearly rainfall is 813 mm (32 inches). The rainy season is from May - October with heavy showers often in the afternoons. 

CLOTHING: Jamaica has a tropical climate and lightweight clothing is ideal for Kingston͛s climate, but a light sweater is recommended for the cooler evenings in the winter months. Traditional business attire applies where applicable. Swimsuits, and shirtless (men) attire are not recommended for the city streets.  

CURRENCY: The official currency is the Jamaican Dollar; however,the US dollar is accepted at many bars, restaurants, and shops. Most major currencies may be exchanged at financial institutions.  

CREDIT CARDS: Credit Cards are accepted widely, including at gas stations.  

CUSTOMS AND IMMIGRATION:  It is recommended that you check in three 

hours before your flight and label baggage inside and out. Passengers and the head of the family traveling together must fully declare all purchases made abroad, using the customs declaration form. On the immigration form given, always fill out the top and bottom portions of the form on arrival and present it along with a valid passport. If a child and adult are traveling, the adult must sign on the child's behalf. 

DRIVING: Driving is done on the left side of the road in Jamaica. You will also need a valid drivers license. 

DRUGS & ALCOHOL: While possession and use of marijuana -ganja -have been decriminalized up to 2 ounces in  Jamaica, use of the drug and trafficking is still illegal. All other illicit drugs are Illegal. Must be 18 and older to drink alcohol. 

EDUCATION: Education is based on the British system, with schooling divided into primary, secondary (High School) a tertiary (University) levels of education. 

ELECTRICITY: Outlets may use 110 volts to 220 volts AC (50 cycle), depending on your location. Flat two-and three-pin plugs are used.  


resident diplomatic representatives based in Kingston. These countries include Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Britain, Canada, Chile, China, Columbia, Costa Rica, Cuba Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Haiti, Honduras, India, Japan

, Korea, Mexico, Nigeria, Panama, Russian Federation, South Africa, Spain, St. Kitts & Nevis, Trinidad & Tobago, United States of America, and Venezuela. 

Other countries have Honorary Consuls and Consul- Generals representatives can be contacted through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, 926-4220.   

EMERGENCY NUMBERS: Dial 119 for police or 110 for an ambulance. 

FIREARMS: Jamaican law also forbids the carrying of firearms and ammunition into the island. Visitors with firearms must declare them on arrival and surrender them to Customs for safekeeping. Firearms can be retrieved prior to departure.   

HEALTH AND IMMUNIZATIONS: Jamaica does not require any vaccinations for entry into the country. The island has a low occurrence of communicable diseases such as cholera, malaria, and typhoid. Highly qualified doctors are readily available, and there are a number of well-appointed private and public hospitals across the city. 

HOLIDAYS: New Years Day (January 1), Ash Wednesday (February 14), Good Friday (March 30), Easter Monday (April 2), Labour Day (May23), Emancipation Day (August 1), Independence Day (August 6), National Heroes Day (October 15), Christmas Day (December 25) Boxing Day (December 26). Most places are closed or close early on public holidays. 

HURRICANES: Jamaica is prone to hurricanes between June and November 

INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS: International organisations with representation in Jamaica include: European Union (924-6333), IDB (924-2342-4) OAS (978-7713), PAHO (922-4630), UNICEF (927-7584-5) UNESCO (929-7087-8), USAID (926-3645-9) and the World Bank (960-0459)

LANGUAGE: English is the official language of Jamaica, but a local patios is widely spoken and understood. 

LEGAL SERVICES: The Jamaican Bar Association (967-1528) can recommend an attorney to suit your needs.  

NEWSPAPERS: There are two major morning daily newspapers, the broadsheet Daily Gleaner, and the tabloid Jamaica Observer. Both newspapers publish daily and afternoon tabloid on weekdays and a Sunday edition joined by the Sunday Herald. PETS: Pets (guide animals/service animals excepted) are generally not allowed into closed public spaces such as restaurants, shopping centres or hotels. Please note that dogs are not permitted entry to Jamaica from any country unless born and bred in the United Kingdom, have never left the country and have never been inoculated with any type of rabies vaccine. You will be required to obtain an import permit from the Veterinary Services Division of the Ministry of Agriculture prior to arrival at the airport. 

POPULATION: At the end of the most recent census, Jamaica's population was exceeding 2.62 million. The population of the city of Kingston is estimated to exceed one million.

RELIGION: Most faiths are represented. See the Yellow Pages of your telephone directory or ask your host for the nearest place of worship and service times that suit you.  

TAXES: 16.5% general consumption tax (GCT) is levied on all goods and services. 

TIPPING:  Most hotels and restaurants have it built in but tips between 10% and 15% are accepted and encouraged. 

SAFETY: If traveling at night, arrange transportation options with your host. Avoid walking alone in isolated areas, even in daylight hours. 

SECURITY SERVICES: A wide range of security services are available from armored car accompaniment for payroll bodyguard services, to guard dogs and domestic electronic security system. 

TIME ZONE: Like the rest of Jamaica, Kingston is on Eastern Standard time zone (EST). We do not observe DaylightSavings Time. 

WORK PERMIT: A work permit or an exemption is required by foreign 

and Commonwealth nationals who wish to engage in employment while on the island.  Such employment includes voluntary, commercial, business, 

professional, charitable, entertainment or sports. All queries about work regulations and permit may be directed to the Ministry of Labour and Security 1F North Street 876-922-950 or

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: Visitors of all ages from the United States of America must carry a valid passport. Residents must present their Alien Resident Card (Green Card) together with a passport from the country in which they are citizens. Canadian citizens must have a valid passport or a government-issued proof of identification with photograph, along with an official copy of birth certificate. Canadians may substitute certificate of Canadian citizenship bearings photographs along with birth certificate an original document to prove any name change.  British citizens must present a valid passport. Visitors from other countries please contact the nearest Jamaica Tourist Board at 929-9200 or the related Jamaican Consulate.  All visitors are required to travel with a round trip or onward ticket 

MEETINGS AND CONVENTIONS: Contact the Jamaica Tourist Board 

group and conventions Department, in Jamaica at 1-876-929-9200 or in the USA at 5201 Blue Lagoon Drive Suite 670 Miami 33126,  1-800-294-7687/1-305 662-0557  or email

JAMAICA CONFERENCE CENTER The Jamaica Conference Centre, is one

of the Caribbean most sophisticated meeting places located on the picturesque Kingston, Waterfront in the heart of the downtown business district, 

the Conference Centre is a testament to Jamaican architecture and functional elegance, offering comprehensive facilities and services to meet the most stringent of conference planners. Telephone: 876-922-9160 

TAX-FREE STATUS Through 1981 treaty with the US, expenses for meetings or conventions  in Jamaica are tax deductible. 

TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Jamaica's modern networks connect with the world easily with of the 4G connectivity available from two major carriers Digicel and Flow. Storefronts are all over the island sells or rent cellular phones, SIM cards, and data/ talk plans.   

WATER: All drinking water in Jamaica is purified and filtered by the most modern methods. According to the Water Resources Authority, the quality is among the best in the world, prompting many cruise ships to take water in Jamaica.

For more travel information on Kingston Jamaica, you may contact the Jamaica Tourist Board form 64 Knutsford Boulevard ( or 929-9200) or the Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association - 3 Ardenne Road or 926-3635)